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Primary School

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Daily spelling practice – week 6 list

Choose one of the activities on the spelling list and complete it.


Geography New Topic.  Rivers

Lesson 1 – What are Rivers?

Finish the work from yesterday afternoon.  Let me know on the blog how it goes.



Build an obstacle course

Create an obstacle course around your home or garden.  Here are some ideas for your different stations.

Throw and catch a ball or object 10 times before moving on.

Step ups on a bottom step of stairs or sturdy step in the garden

Use pebbles or objects like soft toys to slalom around

Go over or under pieces of furniture (safely!)

Complete other exercises such as star jumps, squats, lunges, press ups before moving on.

If you’re lucky enough to have play equipment in your garden, use some of that.


Make sure it’s a safe course by checking for hazards before you complete it.  Make it a challenge by timing it.  Can you beat other members of your household’s time?