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Good morning!


It's the end of term already! After today's learning, you have two weeks off from the daily lessons we've been posting online. But there are plenty of things you can be doing over the next weeks to make sure you're super ready to begin the Summer Term:

  • Read, read, read, read, read... (You get the idea!) There are loads of links on the 'Reading' page of the website (in the children's menu) if you want to read online or even listen to audiobooks. Take out the 'Reading Bingo' sheet from your pack and see how many squares you can tick off.
  • Maths games and times tables games - plenty of ideas in your pack!
  • Keep working through those spelling lists - about five words at a time should be fine.
  • Check out the optional Easter Holiday tasks by clicking on the 'Eggcellent Easter Projects' star on the Eagles class page.
  • Do lots of lovely things with your family - play games, go on walks, cook together, eat chocolate, watch films and enjoy lots of cuddles!


I thought you might like to see what I've been up to at home...

Cucumber, pepper and butternut squash seedlings! I've been meaning to grow fruit and vegetables for years but never got round to it! I didn't realise I probably didn't need to plant all the seeds in the cucumber packet so guess what all my neighbours are getting for Easter??!!


Have a lovely couple of weeks, make the best of every day and remember the blog is there if you need me - I'll check it every day.


Love Mrs Evans xx